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Epoxy S400 Quick Set Black 3 Gallon

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S-400 QS is a quick setting version of the Tile Council of America formula AARII-HT, epoxy mortar and grout. S-400 QS meets or exceeds requirements of ANSI A118.3 and is USDA approved. S-400 QS is a two-part 100% solids epoxy formulation that allows installed area to be open to traffic in 4 to 6 hours after installation @ 70 degrees Fahrenheit and 50% RH or less. S-400 QS has the same physical.  properties and chemical resistance as S-400.

S-400 QS is sag resistant and should be specified for setting or grouting ceramic tile on any wall or floor installation. This product has exceptional bond strength and will remain rigid and cohesive at temeratures up to 350 deg. S-400 QS will resist attacks by many acids, alkalis and other chemical compounds that will normally break down cement mortars and grouts.

  • S-400 is recommended for use in distilleries, refineries, chemical laboratories, breweries, dairies and food processing plants.
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