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Stabila LAX 300 G Cross Line Laser Plus Plumb Points

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Be more efficient and productive with the LAX 300. You can level over distance, create a bright and sharp plumb line over distance and transfer plumb points in space. The LAX 300 is built tough with an automatic mechanical pendulum lock so that you're assured the laser will stay precise even under harsh working conditions. This makes the LAX 300 an all-in-one solution for a wide range of applications.


  • STABILA Type LAX 300 cross line plus plumb point laser.
  • Thin, sharp and easily visible crossed lines plus plumb points up and down.
  • Range: Up to 50ft with naked eye and 300ft with Pulsed receiver cat. number 07335
  • Self -leveling range 4.5 degrees.
  • Visible vertical line tracks on the ceiling behind the laser itself.
  • Transfer plumb points from floor to ceiling using the laser Plumb Bob feature.
  • Accuracy tolerance of the Level beam and the Plumb line will be less than or equal to 3/32in at 30ft.
  • Accuracy tolerance of the down plumb dot will be less than or equal to 1/8in at 30ft
  • Mechanical off/on switch plus automatic pendulum lock.
  • V-Groove rare earth magnetic mount is built into the housing.
  • Up to 20 hours of run time on 3-AA batteries.


  • Drywall construction – suspending ceilings, positioning interior and partition walls within a range of 30ft.
  • Framing - Instant transfer of plumb points for standing tall walls. Place the laser against the bottom plate, raise the wall until the beam touches the edge of the top plate, and the wall is plumb.
  • Electrical installation work – installation of cable runs, electrical boxes, outlets and lights.
  • Plumbing: See your piping layout before you make the layout permanent.
  • Tile work – Visualizing and extending the tile layout.
  • Windows– For extending the window height over distance.
  • Kitchen, bath, closet and basement, remodeling and reconstruction.